DWILL PIC SECThis past weekend I had the privilege of traveling to Birmingham, Alabama for the SEC Leadership Council meetings. One male and one female basketball representative from each school attend these meetings. During these meetings we as student athletes learn more about the rules and regulations that are set forth for teams and universities to abide by. We also have guest speakers that come in and talk to us. For instance, we had a top official come talk to us about¬† new changes dealing with on the court rules.¬† We also had a WNBA player operations lady speak to us about going above the standard to be the best on your team and leadership qualities that us as individuals should try to obtain. It was a very neat experience because not only did we get to learn about structures behind our sport but we were also able to connect with the other student athletes from around the conference and listen to their inputs about these topics. I’m blessed to have been able to go to the SEC headquarters and meet the people that work under the SEC because as an individual understanding that basketball will run out soon, these people are good connections that are still in the sport and could potentially be options when I do decide to settle down and get a real job. The next meeting is schedule for July 2018 and hopefully I can attend that one as well.