Goodbye Teammates


How Do I Say Goodbye….

The hardest thing for me to do this year is to say goodbye to the team we’ve built this year because more than a team we have been and will continue to be a family.  Each of you young ladies I consider my sisters. We have lifted one another up and been there for each other.  My team has made parenting so easy for me and I truly appreciate each one of “Haven’s aunties” for remaining by my side and helping me through this year and a half with her. I really don’t know what I would do without your love and support of my daughter. With the assistance of this team, our coaches and the staff I have had the opportunity to be successful on and off the court.  The support and strength of this team (my sisters) is second to none and I wouldn’t trade any of you for anyone else. Haven is the luckiest little girl to have so many beautiful, strong, athletic, funny, and ………very tall aunties!

Because of you I have a legacy that I can share with my daughter, with you guys (my sisters) we have proved that Texas A&M Women’s Basketball is truly a contender and that with good coaches, dedication and teamwork we could be just as successful as any other team.  And now, without my sisters, I will build on what I learned this year.  I will remember the hard work we put in and the adversity we overcame as a team and use that knowledge to assist me in achieving my goals on the next level knowing one day I will play with or against each of them… what I want to say to my sisters is GOODBYE FOR NOW………

P. S.  It was so good to have you there this weekend during the WNBA Combine, what you ladies do for me means the world to me!  I Love You All!!!