What’s In A Number?

aw-whats-in-a-number-williamsBy Danni Williams

I wear the number 12 for several reasons. The first is because my favorite number 3 wasn’t available one summer. When I first started on my AAU team, somebody had 3, so I decided to choose number 12.  My reasoning?  1+2=3.

I had a really great summer recruiting wise, so every summer I stuck with 12. When I committed to Texas A&M I knew the number 3 was already assigned to a player so there really wasn’t a question as to what number I would be wearing.

The second reason for the number 12 is because at this university it has a very impactful meaning. Wearing number 12 at Texas A&M signifies the 12th man. The Aggies! There are so many people out there that support our athletic careers and the reference to the 12th Man is very significant. So being able to wear that number and honor those that give us continuous support is special to me. And becomes more so each game I put on the jersey.